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4 Killer Compression Techniques For Pro Sounding Mixes

Compression for many is like a mythical creature that they can’t quite understand, but once you get the grasp of working with compressors your tracks will surely start to shine more. Having a couple effective techniques up your sleave can help you make it in that direction sooner. Multiband Compression Multiband compression just may be one of the most misunderstood compression techniques there is. Though mostly used by many for mastering, it can do wonders during the mixing stage on groups of tracks as well as on individual tracks. Multiband compressors divide the audio signal into different frequency bands and allow each band to be compress independently with its own settings. This allows for more transparent manipulation of the signal as well as tweaking your sounds in ways that are not possible with a single band compressor.  By using a multiband compressor, it is possible to closely tailor the compression to the different elements in a mix and compress the recording more transparently than with a standard single-band compressor.  Some recommended multiband compressors to try are: Ableton Multiband Dynamics   UAD Precision Multiband Waves C6 Using Multiple Compressors in Series With the ongoing loudness war and more music being created exclusively in the box it is very easy to get sucked into the habit of compressing your tracks to the point that all of the lively dynamics have been lost. One way to get your tracks loud and “in your face” while preserving your dynamics is using multiple compressors in series. The simple concept is rather than using a single compressor get 6 db of gain reduction, you use... read more

Refuuj x Q.B. Smith – E.K.O.G.

A few months ago I put this record together with producer/writer, Q.B. Smith. Its a pretty trippy collage of textures and samples with a slick vocal performance by Q. We received a great initial response from this experimental release and now I’m finally sharing on it here. Enjoy and comment! Download link below. Download... read more

Renzo drops his Lionheart EP featuring “So They Know” Produced by Refuuj

Check out and download the new Lionheart EP by Renzo featuring “So They Know” produced by Refuuj. Download Mixtape After his song “Let’s Roll,” Virginia-bred, Hollywood-based artist Renzo provides his new Lionheart EP for your listening pleasure. Produced mostly by Bentley Haze (Juicy J, Wale, Kid Ink, Tiara Thomas, Chief Keef, etc.), the pair mix pop sounds and R&B themes for 7 tracks (six songs, one interlude), which has amassed the attention of multiple labels. It begins with the grand, motivational intro “Lionheart,” then eases into the lone Refuuj-produced “So You Know,” where he claims ownership of his female companion: “You can tell those other guys that it’s over, I’m gon’ be right by your side like a soldier,” he sings. The EP ends with “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “Before We Die,” two piano-driven ballads that round off the set in strong fashion. Check out what Renzo is cooking:   Courtesy of... read more

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